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5-Spot Challenge: Week 11

November 13th, 2012 by Justin Potts

Congratulations to our second two-time winner of the season, bluwolf77. His differential of 93 was by far the best of the week and was the second best all season, behind only last week’s winner, kfarmer16. Bluwolf77, who also won Week 4, was only 17 away from the two teams’ combined rushing yards, 23 away from Devin Gardner’s total yards, six away from Venric Mark’s rushing yards, and two away from the longest kick or punt return. Second place KleinoRhino was the closest to predicting Northwestern’s passing yards, just seven off, while Maizenblu62 was just one away from the longest kick or punt return. The overall leader crp12qb finished fourth this week with a differential of 211. He was the closest to predicting Mark’s rushing total, just four short.

Altogether, the 15 contestants this week predicted Michigan to win by an average score of 32-19. Everyone picked Michigan to win and two people, bluwolf77 and Jim Mackiewicz, had Michigan scoring 38 points. Nobody had Northwestern scoring 31, though kashkaav was the only one that had them scoring more (39).

This week, Michigan plays its final home game of the season. It’s senior night and a game the Wolverines should win handily against an Iowa team that has lost four straight. Will Denard play? Or will we see more of Devin? Regardless, it should be fun to watch as Michigan gets ready for the big one the following week.