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5-Spot Challenge: Week 12

November 19th, 2012 by Justin Potts

Congratulations to yet another first time winner in last week’s 5-Spot Challenge. Maizenblu62 captures the $20 gift card to The M Den. His differential of 178 beat tooty_pops by 17. Maizenblu62 was just eight away from Iowa’s total yards. While he wasn’t the closest on any of the other questions, he didn’t have a single bad one either. The same can be said for tooty_pops. Hazel Parker was just one point away from the combined points and only 15 off of Devin Gardner’s passing yards. led that category at 14 away. GrizzlyJFB was the closest to correctly predicting Iowa’s second half rushing yards, just three off, while nobody expected Will Hagerup to have such a light day punting. KashKaav was the closest at 38 yards away.

The overall leader, crp12qb, finished third this week and widened his lead over HTTV133, who finished fifth. Kfarmer16 leap-frogged Jim Mackiewicz, while this week’s winner, Maizenblu62 moved up to fifth overall.

Nobody correctly predicted the final score, although was the closest with a guess of 42-14. Tooty_pops picked 42-13, while Jim Mackiewicz predicted 42-10. KashKaav and HTTV133 each had Iowa scoring 17. Altogether, the 15 contestants predicted Michigan to win by an average of 34-13.

This week is the big one. Michigan travels down south to Columbus looking for its first win in the Horseshoe in 12 years. Ohio State is playing for an undefeated season and Michigan is still battling for the Big Ten title. Something has to give, and that’s just the way it should be in college football’s greatest rivalry. To honor the occasion, we are giving you a couple of extra questions this week. Good luck.