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5-Spot Challenge: regular season results

November 26th, 2012 by Justin Potts

Congratulations to myrick55 for winning this week’s 5-Spot Challenge. It was his first win this season, but he won once or twice last season as well. For his win, he gets a $20 gift card to The M Den. It was a truly remarkable performance, despite Michigan’s performance on the field. Myrick55 had a deviation of just 111, besting Jim Mackiewicz by 73 points. His largest differential on a single question was 33 (Denard and Devin’s total combined yards), while he was just one off the longest kick or punt return, four away from the total combines passing yards by both teams, and 18 away from Braxton Miller’s total yards.

Jim Mackiewicz was just four away from Miller’s total yards, as was, and he was just seven short of Roy Roundtree’s receiving yards. Season leader crp12qb came in third. He was also just four off of Miller’s total yards and seven away from Roundtree’s. He also nearly predicted the final score. His prediction of 26-23 Ohio State was just two off. Freezer566 had a good week, finishing fourth, while new contestant DRock finished fifth. Along with myrick55, DRock was just four off of the total combined passing yard total. He was also the closest to predicting the longest touchdown of the game, just seven away.

Altogether, the 14 contestants this week picked Michigan to win by an average score of 35-30. Only two contestants picked Ohio State to win.

Thanks to all who have participated this season. We still have one game left Рthe bowl game Рso make sure to check back the week before New Years. Altogether, we had 10 different winners in 12 weeks, so it has been pretty competitive. Below are the season-long standings to date. You can find the weekly results here or on the right sidebar.

Michigan Man 5-Spot Overall Standings (through Week 12)
User Name
Total Points
cr12qb** 139
HTTV133* 122
Jim Mackiewicz* 115
kfarmer16* 112
Maizenblu62* 94
tooty_pops* 94* 86
bluwolf77** 82
freezer566 70
myrick55 69
kashkaav 49
KleinoRhino 46
he16man 38
GrizzlyJFB 36
jdemille 23
chicagoblue* 23
BigHouse08 18
Brad 18
Phillymb 17
Hazel Parker 16
downebri2012 16
Shoelace4Heisman 14
Florida(GoBlue) 13
the1tab 12
mayph 11
saline_ian 11
DRock 10
jdb42683 9
BennyGGG 9
Tams 8
klima85 8
AC1997 7
Cabbage 7
chrisjfla 6
clelwell 6
kbboyd67 5
Mfan1974 5
admich 4
Squash man 3
hank101 2
Walker44688 1