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Tailgate Tuesday: Beer cheese soup

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Tailgate Tuesday has traditionally been our weekly contribution from our resident pitmaster, Joe Pichey from GoBlueBBQ. Due to a new job, Joe has had limited time this season, so I have taken the reigns as interim Maize and Go Pitmaster. These tailgate recipes will be posted each Tuesday throughout the football season and will feature a variety of appetizers, main courses, and sides to help you be the king of your next tailgate. Gentry’s BBQ, a Orlando, Fla. based BBQ and catering company, sponsors this season’s feature by providing their killer rubs and sauces for use in the recipes. Buy them here. In addition, Fogo Charcoal provides charcoal to use in each recipe. Buy it here.

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I couldn’t let Wisconsin week go by without combining two of my favorite Wisconsin products: beer and cheese. This recipe is an adaptation of the beer cheese soup that Southern Soul BBQ in St. Simon’s Island, Ga. makes. I’ve made it many times and it’s always a crowd pleaser, especially on a cold fall or winter Saturday.

1 stick butter
1-2 minced onions
2-3 minced celery stalks
1-2 minced carrots
1 tsp salt
1 tsp white pepper
1/8 tsp cayenne
Gentry’s Smoke Stack BBQ Rub
1/2 cup flour
1 cup chicken stock
5 cups whole milk
3 cups sharp cheddar cheese
1 cup monterrey jack cheese
1 TBSP worcestershire sauce
2 cans beer
Chopped green onions
Crumbled bacon

There aren’t a lot of steps to this recipe. It’s mostly chopping vegetables, shredding cheese (unless you buy pre-shredded), and whisking.

Start by dicing your onions, celery, and carrots. In a large stockpot, melt your butter and add your diced veggies, a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of white pepper, 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne, and a few shakes of your Gentry’s Smoke Stack BBQ Rub. Sautee your veggies until they are cooked through and starting to soften.

Next, whisk in a half cup of flour, stirring constantly until the whole mixture thickens and turns a medium blonde color. Quickly pour in your warm chicken stock (try not to keep it in the fridge prior to using). This will deglaze your pan. Then whisk in your five cups of whole milk — because we don’t use that candy ass two percent! Keep whisking until the whole mixture thickens.

Now reduce your heat to a simmer and add all of your cheese in batches, stirring constantly until it is melted and well incorporated. Once it’s fully melted, add a tablespoon of Worcestershire and two cans of beer. Any cheap beer will do, but since it’s Wisconsin week I used New Glarus Spotted Cow. If you’ve never had this stuff, get up to the badger state and pick some up. They make a lot of great beers and they’re not sold outside of Wisconsin, but Spotted Cow a cult favorite. Stir it all together and let simmer until it’s ready to serve.

Spoon it into soup bowls and serve along with some nice hearty bread and of course some more Spotted Cow. Top with chopped green onions and crumbled bacon — that bacon you made last week will work great! — for even more flavor and sprinkle some more Smoke Stack Rub on top.

Visit Gentry’s to purchase their great rubs and sauces. You can follow them on Twitter at @gentrysbbq and you can also follow our resident pitmaster Joe at @mmmgoblubbq.

Tailgate Tuesday: Grilled ravioli

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014


Tailgate Tuesday is our weekly collaboration with Joe from MmmGoBluBBQ. These will be posted each Tuesday throughout the season and each recipe will be themed around that week’s opponent. 

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Okay, I’ve gotta admit a little something. Trying to find a tailgate recipe with a “Utah Utes” theme was more difficult than trying to squeeze into my national championship t-shirt from 1997 last weekend. That darn dryer shrinks everything. I reached out to several friends with Utah connections and not a one of them could think of anything. Really guys??? Nothing??? Finally, one of my buddies mentioned they like to grill ravioli’s on game day and that was more than good enough for me. I’ve made these before and had the ingredients on hand, so let’s get to it. These are a crowd pleaser and super easy to make. Plus, 90 percent of the prep work can be done ahead of time, so it’s WIN/WIN. The filling options are endless, so go nuts!


• Won Ton Wrappers – (I like the Nasoya All Natural)
• Shrimp…..Shredded cooked chicken….beef….pork….veggies (Pre-Cooked)
• Havarti Cheese (Great melting cheese)
• Jalapenos (optional)
• Egg (egg wash)
• BBQ sauce for glazing (optional)


Set your grill up for medium direct heat. While the grill is heating up, we can start making some raviolis. You will need two wrappers per ravioli. Lay out as many won ton wrappers as you can and start adding your ingredients. Do Not Overfill or they will open up on the grill. Once you have the filling in place, you can make an egg wash. Mix one egg and add one tablespoon of water. Once the egg wash is mixed, apply to the four edges of each won ton wrapper that has filling. Now you can add the other wrapper and press down firmly.

Ravioli 1-2-3

Once the raviolis have been assembled, use a fork to secure the edges. Press down hard until you have some ridges along the edge. The egg wash acts as a glue and holds it all together. The great thing about these is that you can make em 24 hours ahead of time and hold them in the fridge until game time. Once the grill is at temp, make sure to oil the grates. This will keep the raviolis from sticking. You will want to cook them over medium direct heat for about 2-3 minutes per side. Don’t walk away or these will burn. Flip them every minute or so until you have the crispiness you want. If they start to burn, you can move them to the cool side of the grill to finish the cooking process. They take about five minutes total.

Ravioli 4-5-6

At this point, they are ready to eat. Be careful as the cheese on the inside is like lava. Gooey, tasty lava. If you would like to add another layer of great flavor, apply a nice thin coat of your favorite BBQ sauce and grill for another minute. I love em both ways. These are also extremely DIPPABLE. I’m partial to queso, salsa, guacamole and ranch as well as a sweet chili sauce on these tasty, crispy buggers. Like I said, the options are endless.

Ravioli 7-8

I want to thank my buddy Dave at BBQ Dry Rubs for the grilled ravioli idea. Genius!

Let me know if you try them and what your filling was made of. Please send pics of your BBQ so I can post on GO BLUE!

This week’s drink: Beefy Spicy Go Blue BrewBeefy spicy go blue brew

• 12 oz mexican beer
• 1 TBS Stubbs Beef Marinade
• BBQ Rub
• Lime

Pour some of the beef marinade into a shallow bowl and dip the top of the glass into the marinade. You want to get the rim of chilled mug wet so it will hold some BBQ rub. Once the rim is wet, dip into some BBQ rub. The spicier, the better. Add a tablespoon of beef marinade to the chilled mug and add your ice cold beer. Garnish with lime. Enjoy. These things are spicy and tasty.

For more great recipes, photos, and barbecue ideas, follow Joe on Twitter at @mmmgoblubbq. And don’t forget to check out his site, MmmGoBluBBQ, for recipes, product reviews, and more.

Win a copy of Beer: What to Drink Next

Thursday, March 13th, 2014


Are you a beer connoisseur? Are you a fan of craft beer? Do you just like to try new kinds of beer? If your answer is yes to any of thoes, I’ve got just the book for you. Beer: What to Drink Next, newly released by Sterling Publishing, is the beer drinker’s new encyclopedia.

Author Michael Larson, a friend of mine from college, and co-founder of the beer review blog The Perfectly Happy Man, put together the most comprehensive craft beer book on the market. Featuring the Beer Select-o-Pedia, Larson’s book lists 90 different styles of beer, grouped in four chapters based on the country of origin.Beer Select-o-Pedia

Each beer is graded on origin, color, alcohol by volume (ABU), and international bittering units (IBU). Each style of beer comes with an atomic structure diagram that tells you more about each beer, recommends breweries, and gives tasting notes and interesting facts about each beer. It also suggest food pairings for each style.

The beginning of the book gives a nice introduction to beer drinking with a description of what beer is, how it is brewed, current trends in brewing, how to serve and store beer, how to taste beer, and how to pair food with beer. This book will truly tell you all you need to know about beer and improve your experience of it, whether you’re simply looking for your next six-pack mixer or hosting a party and looking for new beers to wow your friends.

The easy to follow structure of the book allows you to look up a beer you’re currently drinking and find others like it, or simply search for a style you’re interested in and find quality recommendations.

The list price for the book is $14.95 and you can order it on Amazon or look for it at Barnes and Noble.

Maize and Go Blue is also giving you the opportunity to win a free copy by winning our contest for Michigan’s first Big Ten Tournament game against Illinois on Friday. Enter below before 11:59 a.m. ET Friday and the contestant that wins will win a free copy of the book.