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Five-Spot Challenge 2014: Indiana

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014


Congratulations to MichiganMack for picking up his first Five-Spot Challenge win of the season. He won once in 2012 and finished fourth in the overall standings that year and third last year. Last week he was the only contestant under 100 deviation points with a total of 98.7, beating second place Maizenblu62, who had 112.3. MichiganMack was the closest to predicting Michigan’s total yards, only 14 away from Michigan’s total of 186. He was the second closest to Devin Gardner’s quarterback rating (71.7) with a prediction of 70.0. He wins a $20 gift card to The M Den.

Mofobro was the closest to Michigan State receiver Tony Lippett’s receiving yards. Lippett finished with 103 and mofobro predicted 101. and Maizenblu62 were both three away. Freezer566 correctly predicted that Michigan would lose 30 yards on sacks and tackles for loss. Bigboyblue was the closest to Gardner’s quarterback rating with his prediction of 70.4. Finally, Dennis Norfleet did not record a single kickoff return, so saline_ian was the closest with his prediction of 22 yards.

Surprisingly, seven of the 19 contestants picked Michigan to win, but the average score prediction from all 19 was Michigan State 30 – Michigan 19. MichiganMack was the closest to the actual score of 35-11 with his prediction of 31-13.

The weekly results have been updated and the overall standings will be updated soon.

Michigan returns home this week to face Indiana. Last season, it was an offensive shootout in which Michigan set several single-game records. Here are this week’s questions:

Five-Spot Challenge 2014: Michigan State

Monday, October 20th, 2014


Congratulations to Hazel Parker for picking up his first win of the season. He won twice last season and three times in 2011. He was the only contestant under 100 points last week with a deviation of 96, topping second place tooty_pops by 42. As is usually the case, Hazel Parker wasn’t the closest in any single category, but was the most consistent across the board. He was third-closest to Christian Hackenberg’s passing yards (52 away), sixth-closest to Michigan’s rushing yards (28 away), second-closest to the minutes until Michigan’s first turnover (three away), and third-closest to the longest field goal (three away). He wins a $20 M Den gift card.

Kashkaav correctly predicted that the longest field goal would be 45 yards, while Maizenblu62 was only one away. Kfarmer16 was the closest to Devin Gardner’s longest completion, only one away with his prediction of 44 yards. Bigboyblue and BigHouseBrandon were the closest to the minutes until Michigan’s first turnover. It happened 16 minutes into the game and they both predicted 17. MEKMichigan’s prediction of 67  yards was the closest to Michigan’s rushing total (64), while Kashkaav’s guess of 180 was the closest to Hackenberg’s passing yards (160).

No one correctly predicted the final score, although MichiganMack was the closest with his prediction of Michigan 20 – Penn State 12. The average score prediction was Michigan 24 – Penn State 23 and 14 of the 21 contestants picked Michigan to win.

The weekly results and overall standings have been updated.

After a bye week, Michigan heads up the road to face rival Michigan State. Here are this week’s questions.

Five-Spot Challenge 2014: Penn State

Monday, October 6th, 2014


Congratulations to MEKMichigan for his first win of the season. His point deviation of 38 was the lowest of any contestant so far this season and was 13 points better than TheZachster. MEKMichigan tied with chris12qb and MacNCheese for the closest to Rutgers receiver Leonte Carroo’s receiving yards (73), just three away. He was third-closest to Gardner’s total yards (218), fourth-closest to the total receiving yards by everyone except Devin Funchess (107), fourth-closest to Michigan’s longest run (26 yards), and second-closest to Michigan’s third-down conversion percentage (36 percent). He wins a $20 gift card to The M Den.

Tooty_pops was the only one to correctly predict Michigan’s third-down percentage. Kfarmer16 was the closest to Michigan’s longest run, only one away. Hazel Parker‘s perdition of 103 yards was the closest to Michigan’s receiving yards by everyone except Funchess. Thezachster and new contestant Quentin Tedesco both predicted that Devin Gardner would record 215 total yards, so they were the closest at three away.

No one correctly predicted the final score, although 15 of the 25 contestants predicted Rutgers to win. The average score was Rutgers 23 – Michigan 20.

The weekly results and overall standings have been updated.

Michigan returns home to face Penn State (4-1, 1-1) this Saturday in a nationally televised night game. The Nittany Lions are coming off a bye week and a 29-6 loss to Northwestern two weeks ago. Here are this week’s questions:

Five-Spot Challenge 2014: Rutgers

Monday, September 29th, 2014


First of all, sorry for making “Twitter handle” a mandatory field in last week’s Five-Spot Challenge. It was not intended to be, and won’t be in the future for those of you who don’t have Twitter.

Congratulations to first-time contestant GengIsKhan for winning despite a poor showing for the team on the field. GengIsKhan was the closest to predicting the yard line Michigan’s first drive would end. The Wolverines made it to just the 26-yard line and his prediction of 31 was just five away. He was also just four away from the combined uniform number(s) of Michigan’s first touchdown (4) with a prediction of eight (Shane Morris to Devin Funchess) and just six away from Funchess’ longest reception (14). For his win, GengIsKhan wins a $20 M Den gift card.

Season-long leader Kfarmer16 finished second last week, 34 points behind the winner, to maintain a narrow three-point lead the Week 4 winner, freezer566, who came in third this week. KashKaav was the only participant to correctly predict that De’Veon Smith would score Michigan’s first touchdown. Eight of the 22 contestants predicted Derrick Green, while four predicted Devin Gardner to Funchess. For question two, seven of the 22 contestants thought Michigan would score on its opening possession and only four were correct in predicting that Michigan wouldn’t make it past midfield.

Everyone underestimated David Cobb’s rushing yards (183). Bluwolf77 was the closest, just 48 away with his prediction of 135. Bigboyblue was the closest to Funchess’ longest reception (14 yards) with his prediction of 15. MEKMichigan‘s prediction of 17 was just three away. Finally, not a single contestant predicted that Michigan would not make a field goal. GengIsKhan was the closest with a prediction of 35 yards.

Only two contestants predicted a Minnesota win, but both of them predicted close Minnesota wins (23-20 and 28-27). The average score prediction was Michigan 27 – Minnesota 17.

The weekly results and overall standings have been updated.

Michigan travels to New Jersey this weekend for their first ever meeting with Rutgers. The game will be televised by Big Ten Network at 7 p.m. EST. Rutgers comes into the game with a 4-1 record, and like Michigan, is 0-1 in the Big Ten. The Scarlet Knights will be looking to pick up their first ever Big Ten victory.

Here are this week’s questions:

Five-Spot Challenge 2014: Minnesota

Monday, September 22nd, 2014


Congratulations to freezer566 for an impressive win in this week’s Five-Spot Challenge despite an undesirable outcome on the field. His point differential of just 75 was the lowest of the season and 33 points better than second-place Boggie. Freezer566 wasn’t the closest in any single category, but was the most consistent across the board. He was just two short of Gardner’s first half passing total (100), nine short of Utah’s total yards (286), 12 over the minutes until Michigan’s first forced turnover (25), 18 short of Derrick Green’s rushing total (59), and 34 short of the longest kick or punt return (66). He wins a $20 gift card to The M Den.

Overall, there were a lot of close scores, as you can see in the weekly results. Second through sixth place were separated by just 17 points. KashKaav‘s prediction of 63 Derrick Green rushing yards was the closest to the correct answer for question one. BigHouseBrandon (66) was the only other contestant within single digits. Bluwolf77 was only one yard away from correctly predicting Utah’s total yards, while tooty_pops and kfarmer16 were both only six shy. Bigboyblue and Boggy were both the closest to guessing how many minutes into the game Michigan would record its first takeaway. Willie Henry’s pick-six occurred 25 minutes into the game and they were just four minutes off. MichiganMack correctly picked Gardner’s first half passing yards, while freezer566 and BigHouseBrandon were both only two away. Finally,‘s prediction of 65 yards was the closest to the longest kick or punt return, which unfortunately, was Kaelyn Clay’s 66-yard punt return for touchdown in the second quarter.

No one correctly predicted the final score. In fact, no one was within two touchdowns of Michigan’s point total, as the closest guess was 24 points. Bigboyblue correctly predicted Utah’s total of 26. The average score prediction of the 22 contestants was Michigan 30 – Utah 24, while 19 of the 22 picked Michigan to win.

Kfarmer16 maintains his lead in the overall standings, though it shrunk to just two points over freezer566.

Michigan stays home to welcome Minnesota to town for the annual battle for the Little Brown Jug. Minnesota beat San Jose State 24-7 and is currently 3-1 with wins over Eastern Illinois (42-20) and Middle Tennessee (35-24) and a 30-7 loss to TCU.

Here are this week’s questions:

Five-Spot Challenge 2014: Utah

Monday, September 15th, 2014


It was dicey at times during the second quarter, but Michigan got back in the win column on Saturday. Likewise, Kfarmer16 picked up his first Five-Spot Challenge win of the season, narrowly beating freezer566 and KashKaav with a point differential of just 125, the lowest of the season so far. He was the closest to correctly predicting Miami quarterback Andrew Hendrix’s passing yards (165), just 10 away; the second closest to Michigan’s total punt yards (172), 44 away; and third closest to Michigan’s first drive yards (38), four away. He wins a $20 gift card to The M Den.

Freezer566 was the second closest to Dennis Norfleet’s combined rushing, receiving, and return yards (69), just four away, and second closest to Michigan’s first drive yards, three away. KashKaav was only three away from Norfleet’s all-purpose yards, while Hazel Parker hit the nail on the head with Michigan’s first drive yards. First-time contestant nirvandog correctly predicted Michigan’s total yards (460), but his prediction of just 68 punt yards was what did him in. HTTV135 was the closest to that final question, just 22 away.

Kfarmer16 also nearly became the first contestant in the history of the Five-Spot Challenge to correctly predict the final score. His prediction of 35-10 was only one point away from the final score of 34-10. Bigboyblue was also close with his prediction of 30-10. No one correctly predicted Michigan to score 34 points, while 10 of the 22 contestants correctly predicted Miami’s 10. The average score prediction was Michigan 43 – Miami (Ohio) 13. The largest spread was Michigan 60 – Miami 10 and the closest was Michigan 23 – Miami 10.

The Week 3 results and overall standings are updated.

This week, Utah comes to town fresh off a bye week. The 2-0 Utes beat Idaho State 56-14 in Week 1 and Fresno State 59-27 in Week 2.

[Edit: There was a miscalculation on the differentials for question two last week that affected a few contestants. Tooty_pops actually had a deviation of 312, which moved him up two spots and gave him four points instead of two. That moved Bigboyblue down to three points and boggie down to two points. Mofobro actually had 336 points, but it didn't affect his position in the weekly results. It also did not affect anyone's position in the overall standings. Both have been updated. Apologies for the error.]

Here are this week’s questions:

Five-Spot Challenge 2014: Miami (Ohio)

Monday, September 8th, 2014


The only good news that can come out of a humiliating loss like Michigan suffered on Saturday is that somebody will still win a $20 gift card to The M Den. This week, that person is Bigboyblue, whose point differential of 152 beat second-place Hazel Parker by 21 points. Bigboyblue wasn’t the closest on any single answer, but was the most consistent with all five.

Everyone overestimated Derrick Green’s rushing yards. Green finished with just 25 yards on 13 carries. MichiganMack and scoon both predicted Green would rush for 50, so they were the closest. Chris12qb‘s prediction of 100 receiving yards for Devin Funchess was the closest on that question, just seven short of Funchess’ total of 107, while MichiganMack and Bigboyblue were both just 12 away.

The third and fourth questions, Everett Golson’s total yards (212) and Michigan’s combined punt and kickoff return yards (16), were what tripped most contestants up. KashKaav was only five short of Golson’s total yards, while MEKMichigan was the closest to Michigan’s return yards, 29 away. Notre Dame’s special teams did a great job of limiting Michigan’s chances, holding the Wolverines to just one kick return and no punt returns. Finally, the longest touchdown of the game went for 24 yards and WarN‘s prediction of 26 was only two away.

As you can imagine, no one was close to correctly predicting the final score. In fact, the lowest anyone predicted Michigan scoring was 17. The average score prediction was Michigan 33 – Notre Dame 25. All 25 contestants picked Michigan to win. The largest spread was 25 points (Michigan 45 – Notre Dame 20) and the closest was one point (Michigan 31 – Notre Dame 30).

The Week 2 results and Overall Standings are on the right sidebar.

Michigan returns home to face a Miami (Ohio) squad riding an 18-game losing streak this Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Miami lost to Eastern Kentucky 17-10 on Saturday and Marshall 42-27 in Week 1.

Here are this week’s questions:

Five-Spot Challenge 2014: Appalachian State

Monday, August 25th, 2014


Week one is finally upon us and with that comes the kick off of our Five-Spot Challenge. Now in its fourth year, we have secured our first Five-Spot Challenge sponsor, We Know Tickets, which will provide the prize to the season-long champion: a pair of ticket to the 2015 season opener against Oregon State. If you’re looking to purchase tickets, make sure to check out their listings for each of Michigan’s games this season, or for any other concert or sporting event you want to go to (and type in code ‘goblue’ for 10 percent off your order). And of course, we will still award $20 gift cards to The M Den for each Five-Spot Challenge weekly winner.

If you’re new to the game, here’s how it works. Each Monday throughout the season, we list five questions, such as “How many passing yards will Devin Gardner record?” If you guess 200, but he throws for 250, you get 50 points. Like golf, the goal is to get the lowest score possible each week, meaning you want to be as close to correct as possible for each answer. The points for each of the five questions will be added to determine the weekly low score.

The spot you finish relative to the rest of the competitors will be added up throughout the season to determine the overall winner. For example, in Week 1 if you are first out of 20 participants, you will be awarded 20 points. Second would get 19, third would get 18, and so on. For the full season, you want the most points, so you’ll want to make sure to participate each and every week.

There will also be a bonus question each week, which will be a simple score prediction. In this, you must specify which team is which. If you simply put 14-10, it won’t count. You must say Michigan 14 – Appalachian State 10. This is the Hail Mary pick. If you pick the score exactly, your largest single differential from the other questions will be reduced to zero.

In 2011, umichfan1 won a pair of tickets to the season opener against Air Force. In 2012, crp12qb won a round of golf at the U of M golf course with former Michigan defensive tackle Mike Martin. Last season, Maizenblu62 won a pair of tickets to this year’s opener against Appalachian State.

The weekly results will be announced in the same post as the following week’s questions, while the overall standings will live in the right sidebar so you always know where you stand. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Leave them in the comments below. Good luck!

Here are the Week 1 questions. All answers must be submitted by 11:59 a.m. EST on Saturday.

U.S. Open Five-Spot Challenge presented by Game Golf: Results

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Martin Kaymer ran away with the U.S. Open this weekend thanks to a pair of 65s on Thursday and Friday. The calm and focused German cruised to an eight-shot win while everyone around him struggled. In similar fashion, eeyore201285 blew away the field to win our U.S. Open Five-Spot Challenge and a GAME GOLF system from GAME GOLF.Game Golf

She was one of two contestants (along with MikeLongJr88) to correctly predict that the lowest score among Jim Furyk, Graeme McDowell, and Lee Westwood after Round 1 would be two-under. Even more impressive, she was the only contestant to correctly predict that Westwood would miss the cut, and she hit his two-round score right on the number at 148. G0lfdell finished second in our contest with a total deviation of 153, while John Pinola Jr rounded out the top three with a score of 156.

@AaronEllis10 was the only contestant to correctly predict the total combined birdies for Furyk, McDowell, and Westwood for the entire tournament (27). Meuuuuuny and orenciaro were each one away. Saupe07 was the closest, just one away, to Furyk’s total fairways and greens in regulation hit (90), while sirbarksalot was right on with his prediction of 122 total putts for McDowell.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge. The results are below. Check back for more chances to win in the future, and make sure to keep following GAME GOLF (@gameyourgame) for news and updates about this fantastic game-changing product. Remember, it is now allowable under the rules of golf to be used in competition.

U.S. Open Five-Spot Challenge Results
Place Name Points
1 eeyore201285 91
2 G0lfdell 153
3 John Pinola Jr 156
4 TheChamp 158
5 sirbarksalot 159
@AaronEllis10 159
7 stevenip4 163
brettbarkelar 163
9 hbarkel 168
10 MikeLongJr88 170
11 KevinMorin1 171
12 Sherwood 176
13 beastplayers88 177
14 CadebM 179
Saupe07 179
16 wrightkristy 185
17 eyherbert 186
18 Aaron Kane 182
Daithi Kelly 182
20 torrejuan 195
21 Stang 196
todd3pc 196
23 AMPY 199
LadyDaisy 199
25 Rizzaka 201
26 218
27 Meuuuuuny 220
28 Mmaynard11 221
29 orenciaro 227

Related: Using GAME GOLF, provided an interesting comparison of how the pros played Pinehurst No. 2 on Thursday and Friday to how amateurs played it earlier this year.

U.S. Open Five-Spot Challenge presented by Game Golf

Friday, June 6th, 2014

The 114th U.S. Open Championship tees off next Thursday on the Donald Ross masterpiece, Pinehurst No. 2 in Pinehurst, N.C. To mark the occasion, and to celebrate Father’s Day weekend, we have teamed up with the makers of one of the hottest golf gadgets on the market — Game Golf.Game Golf

For those who have participated in our Five-Spot Challenge during football or basketball season, you already know how the contest works. It’s the same, except with questions related to the U.S. Open. For those who haven’t, the rules are below. But before reading the rules, you should know the prize. The fine folks at Game Golf are giving a Game Golf system, which retails at $249, to the winner.

What is Game Golf?

Game Golf is a digital tracking system that tracks your stats throughout your round and allows you to view them on your computer or mobile device, share via Facebook and Twitter, and compare over time or with your friends. It uses GPS to measure the distance and location of each and every shot, allowing you to take your game, and how you track it, to the next level.

In addition, it was announced this week that the product has been officially approved as “Allowable under The Rules of Golf,” which means it can now be used in competition and many high school and college coaches are already looking to implement Game Golf.

Here’s the official link to the announcement:

Contest rules:

1. Below are five questions and a tiebreaker that have to do with Game Golf sponsored players, Jim Furyk, Graeme McDowell, and Lee Westwood. Answer each question and the results from each answer will be totaled. The contestant with the lowest deviation to the actual results is the winner.

1a. Example: If the question is, “What will be Jim Furyk’s four-round total” and you answer 288, but his total is 270, your deviation for that question will be 18. Your total from all five questions will be added together and the contestant with the lowest total deviation wins.

2. For this contest, you must follow Game Golf (@gameyourgame) on Twitter in order to be eligible for the prize. You will be asked to enter your Twitter handle in the entry form below so we can ensure that you did, in fact, follow Game Golf.

3. Only one entry allowed per Twitter account.

4. Entries will be accepted from the moment this contest is posted until the first tee time of the first round on Thursday, June 12 (6:45 a.m. Eastern time).