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Brady Hoke post-game transcript: Northwestern

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Michigan kept its Big Ten title hopes alive with a thrilling come-from-behind overtime win over Northwestern. Brady Hoke spoke to the media afterwards.

Brady Hoke postgame press conference (photo by Justin Potts, M&GB)

Opening statement
“Let me ask them a question: Who started writing the article before the game was over? [room laughs] Obviously we’ve got a lot that we didn’t do well, but we did do well when you win the football game. It was two teams that played hard. I have so much respect for Pat [Fitzgerald] and how he runs his program and how his guys come to work every day and how they play. We knew it would be a dog fight. We missed way too many tackles, but you’ve got to give Kain Colter some of that respect because he made us miss him. We’ve got to do a better job there.

“I think offensively, [we] moved the ball pretty consistently. Still need to rush for more yards from the backfield, which ┬ámeans we’ve still got to continue to improve up front, how we’re blocking the line of scrimmage. We missed a couple of cuts, but Devin did a tremendous job really managing everything, staying in the game and extending some things and then his athleticism obviously helped on some of the first downs. We were 7-of-10, so that’s all I’ve got to say.”

On whether this is the kind of win where he tells his team to just find a way to win and build from it…
“Well, there’s a lot to build from and a lot to learn from. Our seniors play their last game at Michigan Stadium next week. That’s significant and if we want to send them out the right way, then we’ve got to play better. That starts always with the coaching side of it and that has to be paramount for us.”

On the bit plays by the seniors, Roy Roundtree and Kenny Demens…
“Roy really, I think on a couple of balls, he really had great focus and great intensity into what he was doing. On the last tackle there, number one, I like the call that Greg [Mattison] made because it was one where we may have talked them into running the football because of some of the space inside. Then Kenny did a nice of really working inside out to the ball. Maybe a little bit earlier we were maybe getting to far ahead of them.”

On how much the experience of tight games the past couple years is a benefit in a game like today…
“I think that’s a great question and I think when I look at them on the sideline and communicate with them and talk to them, they are never in doubt that they weren’t going to win the football game, in my opinion. I think all of that helps. I think experience in anything in life helps you get through it the next time, and I think the same thing in the game of football.”

On how Devin Gardner improved from last week to this week…
“I don’t know if I could do that right now. I think he managed the game well. I thought he had two throws [that were] probably not the best throws. He did a nice job getting rid of the ball in the end zone. He made some good decisions.”

On how different the offense is run with Gardner as opposed to Denard…
“I think the biggest thing is there’s a little more to that. There’s a little more vertical run. There’s a little more power play, to some degree, but a lot of lead play – iso, they used to call it in my day. But from that standpoint, there’s still the zone read and all those things from the gun too.”

On what Northwestern was doing to convert third downs so well…
“What were they doing? I think they converted and they were a little more accurate in some of the throws on the seven routs, smash routes. We need to do a better job in the seam part of our defense when they were throwing it. And I think he scrambled at times and either we missed the tackle, which we did a couple times on a scramble, or we didn’t force the ball enough. As far as when you talk about your lanes and compressing the pocket from the outside.

On the resolve of the team to step up and stop Northwestern on third- and fourth-and-short in overtime…
“These kids have been great. It didn’t surprise me. It really didn’t surprise me. There were 18 seconds left when they punted the ball or something like that and Dan Ferrigno did a nice job all week because they would rugby punt, if you want to call it that – it wasn’t a full on rugby – but lining up Gallon where he lined him up. That’s exactly where when we charted a year of punts, that’s where they were going and they rugby punted and it was perfect. It got us great field position and then obviously the throw.”

On Gardner’s throw to Roundtree at the end of regulation…
” Well, I really can’t describe it all for you, but we knew we had to get to a certain point on the field. We knew from the 35, 38 in, is where we wanted to kick the field goal to tie it up. It just so happened that the post part of the route, the combination was where we needed to hit it. Devin through it well and Roy made a football play.”

On if Denard could have played if Gardner had gotten injured in the game…
“Maybe. [room laughs] He was dressed, right? [Yes] Ok.”

On what Roundtree has done to step up the past two weeks…
“Oh I don’t know, he’s always been like that. Roy’s always been pretty focused. He prepares well, he gets himself ready for a game.”

On whether he has seen a change in Roundtree the past two weeks…
“No, not really.”

On where do you start with trying to stop Northwestern schematically…
“Scheme-wise was really good. I thought Greg and the defensive staff, you’ll go back and look and [say] maybe I should have ran this more or whatever it might be, but I thought scheme-wise, especially with some of the things we were doing – I’m not going to explain them, obviously – it was very effective. We kind of got them into one formation. When you can get somebody into one formation, two formations, then you don’t have all the other problems.”

On Denard’s status…

He didn’t do much in warm-ups…

On whether he would have written the game story if he were in the reporters’ shoes…
“No. No. Because of those kids. No way. My wife just asked me that on the way in. Did you know you were going to win? I said yes.”

On Northwestern’s success with the option…
“Perimeter of the defense. We need to play better on the perimeter of the defense. Need to get off blocks better.”

On whether he’s surprised Northwestern went away from the option…
“No, because I think he [Colter] got beat up a little bit there for a minute. Siemian’s a very good quarterback, but he’s not the same quarterback. Then when he came back, they went to their bread and butter on the fourth down play – tried to go option.”

On how hard Fitz Toussaint ran and what the offensive line has to do to help him…
“Well, I think we’ve got to finish on blocks a little better, combination wise. I really thought they were getting some movement – probably not as much as we would like, because it never is. I do think he ran extremely hard. I mean, you could hear football on the field.”

On the win keeping the Big Ten title hopes alive…
“Well, we can’t worry about what other people do. We’ve got to worry about what we do. We’ve got Iowa [next].”

On what he will do with the quarterback situation when Denard is healthy enough to come back…
“I think that’s probably something we’ll figure out.”

On his faith in Brendan Gibbons to make the game-tying kick and Drew Dileo to hold it…
“You know, that combination is a pretty good combination. They work so much together, because we kick everyday. But they are two – don’t tell Gibbons I ever said this – two football players.”

On Devin commanding the huddle and leading the offense…
“Well, he’s really done a nice job, and always has. I thought the way he’s gone about his business, the maturity and the growth has been really, I guess, expected.”

#13 Michigan 67 – Northwestern 55 OT

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Final 1st 2nd OT Total
#13 Michigan (21-7, 11-4) 24 25 18 67
Northwestern (16-11, 6-9) 31 18 6 55

Despite Jordan Morgan's foul trouble, Michigan pulled out the overtime victory (photo by Paul Beaty, AP)

Michigan survived a classic trap game tonight at Northwestern, needing overtime to beat the Wildcats for the second time this season. Following an emotional win over Ohio State on Saturday, a trip to Evanston to face a Northwestern team giddy about the possibility of a first ever trip to the Big Dance was a recipe for disaster, especially for a team that was just 3-6 on the road this season. But Michigan overcame a seven point halftime deficit and early foul trouble to pull out a 67-55 overtime victory.

It was apparent from the beginning that Michigan was in for a tough one when Jordan Morgan and Evan Smotrycz each picked up two fouls early. John Beilein was forced to use Blake McLimans for the majority of the first half, giving the Wolverines no inside presence. Northwestern countered with a 1-3-1 that forced Michigan to chuck up a season high 38 three-pointers.

Michigan held Northwestern without a point for the first 4:23 but could only build up a 6-0 lead. The Wolverines then built a 11-3 lead on a Jordan Morgan layup and Stu Douglass three. The teams went back and forth until Matt Vogrich hit back-to-back threes to give Michigan a 20-13 lead with 9:25 remaining in the half. However, Northwestern closed the half on a 18-4 run as Michigan went just 2-of-10 in the final nine minutes.

Tim Hardaway Jr started the second half off with a layup and Burke hit a three to pull Michigan within two. Northwestern finally got on the board nearly five minutes into the half, and for the next five minutes, points were hard to come by. With 9:51 remaining, Douglass hit a three to cut the lead to one and after a NW free throw, Vogrich nailed a three to give Michigan its first lead of the second half.

Burke followed up with a layup, but five straight Northwestern points put the Wildcats back on top. John Shurna finally got into the second half action to give NW a four-point lead with 2:44 to play, but Burke answered with a three. After another Shurna basket, Hardaway hit a three to tie the game at 49 with 1:46 remaining.

Northwestern had a chance to take the lead in the final minute, but missed a pair of shots, giving Michigan the last possession, but a Burke three at the buzzer fell short, sending the game into overtime just like the previous meeting.

In the overtime stanza, it was all Michigan. Burke, Novak, and Douglass hit back-to-back-to-back threes to blow the game open before Northwestern could get on the board. From there, it became a free throw contest and Michigan hit enough of them to seal the win.

Burke led all scorers with 19 points to go along with five assists and just one turnover while playing all 45 minutes. Hardaway added 14 points despite hitting just 4-of-10 from the free throw line and Douglass scored 12, all on threes (4-of-7). Vogrich hit 3-of-6 from three-point range to score nine points.

The Michigan defense held Shurna to 14 points, six below his season average, and his third lowest total of the season. The Wolverines also held Drew Crawford to just six points, 10 below his season average, and his second lowest total of the season.

Michigan returns home for its final game in the friendly confines of the Crisler Center on Saturday at 6pm against Purdue (17-10, 7-7). Seniors Zack Novak, Stu Douglass, and Corey Person will be honored.

Final Game Stats
52 Jordan Morgan* 2-5 0-0 0-0 3 4 7 3 4 0 0 0 1 21
00 Zack Novak* 1-5 1-4 4-4 3 2 5 3 7 3 2 0 0 31
01 Stu Douglass* 4-9 4-7 0-0 0 1 1 1 12 5 1 0 1 43
03 Trey Burke* 6-16 4-12 3-4 0 6 6 2 19 4 2 0 2 45
10 Tim Hardaway Jr* 4-12 2-9 4-10 2 3 5 1 14 1 1 3 0 38
13 Matt Vogrich 3-7 3-6 0-0 0 1 1 2 9 2 0 1 0 18
22 Blake McLimans 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 11
23 Evan Smotrycz 1-2 0-0 0-0 1 4 5 3 2 0 0 1 0 15
45 Colton Christian 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3
Totals 21-56 14-38 11-18 14 21 35 17 67 15 7 6 4 205
Northwestern 21-51 3-16 10-14 13 26 39 20 55 11 14 4 3 205