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Help ChadTough win $100k and you could win $100 M Den gift card

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

If you read this site or follow us on Twitter, you’ve seen me post quite a bit about The ChadTough Foundation lately. As a father of three young kids, it’s something that deeply resonates with me. And with the Michigan connection, it’s something that touches the entire Michigan community.

I can’t imagine the grief of losing a kid at such a young age, so I want to fight for the thousands of kids that will get DIPG in the future, to help fund research that may one day find a cure — or at the very least a treatment — for them. I want to fight for the Carr family and for so many families like them, who at the moment have very little hope in battling a disease that carries an average lifespan of less than one year after diagnosis.

The great thing is that we can help make a difference.

Yesterday on WTKA, Tammi Carr shared news of some groundbreaking research that is being done on DIPG as a direct result of The ChadTough Foundation. DIPG receives zero federal dollars, so it is organizations like ChadTough that are making research possible.

From Chad’s tumor, which the family donated, researchers found a mutation that has never been seen in a DIPG tumor before, and because of that they know there are some medications that can impact this in other tumors. That’s a breakthrough made possible by people like you who donate, share, and vote.

So how can you help right now?

From today through Saturday, March 11, vote every single day for John Beilein to win the Infinity Coaches Challenge, which will award $100,000 to The ChadTough Foundation. That money will go directly to the accelerated pediatric brain tumor initiative at Michigan Medicine.

But wait, there’s more!

I am introducing a contest during that time span and one voter will win a $100 gift card to The M Den.

Here’s how:

The M&GB #ChadTough100 Voting Challenge
Step 1. Vote for John Beilein
Step 2. Snap a screenshot of the “Thanks for Voting” page with the date and time visible (see examples)
Step 3. Tweet OR Facebook share that photo AND copy/paste the following text into your tweet/share:
I voted for Coach Beilein to win $100k for @chadtough. Vote & you could win $100 @TheMDen gift card #chadtough100
Step 4. If you don’t have Twitter or Facebook, you can email the screenshot to maizeandgoblue at yahoo dot com (once per day), but you are encouraged to tweet/share in order to spread the word
Step 5. Do it again the next day, and the next, and every day through March 11
Step 6. Tell your family, friends, and coworkers to vote daily as well
Rules and Regulations:
• Each daily tweet/Facebook share OR email will count as one entry (one entry per day per Twitter handle, Facebook name, or email address)
• The more days you vote AND tweet/share/email a screenshot as proof, the more entries you will receive
• If there is no date/time visible on screenshot, entry will not count
• If full copy from Step 3 is not pasted into your tweet/share, entry will not count
• On or after March 12, one winner will be randomly selected from all entrants
• Winner will be notified by Twitter DM or email
• Keep in mind that if you cheat to win, you’re cheating a charity. Do it the right way and vote every day.
Contest runs from 10am ET Tuesday, Feb. 28 through 3pm ET Saturday, March 11

Remember, the goal is to encourage as many people as possible to vote every day for Coach Beilein in order to win $100,000 for The ChadTough Foundation. The M Den gift card prize is just a small incentive to encourage participation. Whether or not you follow all the steps of our challenge, please vote and please share with as many friends, family, and coworkers as possible.

*I am acting as a third-party to help The ChadTough Foundation win the Infiniti Coaches Challenge. This challenge is not officially run by The ChadTough Foundation, the University of Michigan, or The M Den.*

The M&GB March Madness Five-Spot Challenge Results

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

M&GB March Madness Five-Spot Challenge banner

Michigan’s season ended on Sunday evening with a thrilling 75-72 loss to Kentucky in the Elite Eight, which means the M&GB March Madness Five-Spot Challenge has also ended. Congratulations to Maizenblu62 for winning the contest and a $40 gift card to The M Den.

Maizenblu62 and HTTV134 finished in a tie for first, but Maizenblu62 had the lowest combined differential (115 to 128) through the four games to win the tiebreaker. BigHouseBrandon finished third, while GregGoBlue came in fourth and kfarmer16 and shared fifth.

Tooty_pops had the lowest differential (17) for the Kentucky game and was no more than six away on any single question. He was just six away from Kentucky’s points in the paint and three away from the combined points for Nik Stauskas, Glenn Robinson III, and Caris LeVert. BigHouseBrandon correctly predicted Julius Randle’s combined points and rebounds (27) and Stauskas, Robinson, and LeVert’s combined points (47), but was 12 away from Stauskas’ field goal percentage (43 percent). HTTV134 correctly predicted that.

March Madness Five-Spot Challenge Results
Place Name Wofford Texas Tennessee Kentucky Total
1* Maizenblu62 25 (9) 41 (4) 27 (13) 22 (8) 115 (34)
1 HTTV134 21 (10) 21 (9) 61 (8) 25 (7) 128 (34)
3 BigHouseBrandon 36 (5) 17 (10) 92 (5) 27 (6) 172 (26)
4 GregGoBlue * 26 (7) 36 (11) 35 (4) 97* (22)
5 kfarmer16 37 (4) 41 (4) 29 (12) 44 (1) 151 (21)
5 48 (1) 21 (9) 53 (9) 38 (2) 160 (21)
7 bluwolf77 * 28 (6) 16 (14) * 44* (20)
8 tooty_pops * * 73 (6) 17 (9) 90* (15)
9 Jim Mackiewicz 29 (7) 36 (5) 125 (2) * 190* (14)
9 spooner_21 38 (3) 47 (2) 112 (3) 27 (6) 224 (14)
9 TexasWolverine 28 (8) 53 (1) 129 (1) 35 (4) 245 (14)
12 bigred * * 37 (10) * 37* (10)
13 kashkaav * * 68 (7) * 68* (7)
14 Eisemant 31 (6) * * * 31* (6)
15 Bhseelp * * 105 (4) * 105* (4)
16 Matt Wiersum 46 (2) * * * 46* (2)

Thanks to all who played the challenge. Make sure to come back and play the Five-Spot Challenge during football season.

Five-Spot Challenge: (Belated) Kansas State results

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Night game

Football season ended a month and a half ago with a loss to Kansas State in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, and since we all wanted to put that one out of our memories as quickly as possible, now seems like as good a time as any to go back and hand out the prizes for the Five-Spot Challenge.

Congratulations to first-time contestant IceStormed for winning the bowl edition. His total deviation of 218 was a dominant performance over the other 13 challengers. While he wasn’t the closest on any single question, his deviations were consistently low throughout. He was only 16 away from Shane Morris’ passing yards, seven away from Tyler Lockett’s receiving yards, nine away from Jeremy Gallon’s receiving yards, and 65 off of the total combined offensive yards. For his win, IceStormed gets a $20 gift card to The M Den.

Ebenszac came in second, 61 points behind IceStormed. His prediction of 718 total offensive yards was the closest, only 37 away from the actual of 681. HTTV134 and BigHouseBrandon tied for third, just four points behind ebenszac. Myrick55 and Jim Mackiewicz were each the closest to Morris’ passing yards, just four away, while Myrick55 was also the closest to Lockett’s receiving yards (two away) and Michigan’s longest field goal made (one away). However, he underestimated the combined offensive yards and that hurt his chances of winning the week.

No one correctly predicted the final score, though IceStormed was close with his prediction of 27-13 Kansas State. The average combined score among the 14 contestants was Michigan 31 – Kansas State 26. Ten of the 14 picked Michigan to win.

Congratulations is also in order to the full season winner, Maizenblu62. His season-long point total of 156.5 topped HTTV134’s 147. Jim Mackiewicz came in third at 143, while ebenszac (135) and freezer566 (132) rounded out the top five. Maizenblu62 wins a pair of tickets to the 2014 season opener against Appalachian State. I will be in touch via email to work out the details.

The Kansas State results and the full season standings have been updated.

Thanks for playing the third season of the Five-Spot Challenge! We hope you enjoyed it. We had a total of 12 different weekly winners and awarded $270 worth of M Den gift cards throughout the season in addition to a pair of tickets to the 2014 season opener. Feel free to send us your feedback on what we can do to make the game even better as we head into next season. You can leave a comment below or shoot us an email at